Do you have a network of contacts and want to explore how you can leverage it to earn more income?

JHEI works (in association) with like-minded people: do you know anyone who would benefit from JHEI’s services?

Capital Investments into Businesses

JHEI Services helps and supports organisations and individuals to raise investment monies, either for a business start-up or raise money for business expansion.

Do you know anyone who wants to explore raising investment?

Education Businesses

JHEI work with education businesses and institutions who wish to explore either buying, selling, or raising investment. We work with our clients every step of the way. Our role is to find the best acquisition for them, get the best sale price for them or investment capital with most appropriate terms.

We find buyers who will build on the seller's legacy or an investor who will help build on the existing legacy.

Do you know anyone who wants to explore buying, selling, raising investment?

JHEI has a strong database of buyers and investors, with over 8,000 on their live database.

JHEI Services Limited (JHEI) has 55 years of experience buying, helping owners to sell, helping owners to raise investment and growing education businesses and institutions.



In return for introductions or leads, we will offer you a sizeable percentage of any success fee.

(JHEI does not employ associates.) They have other jobs; work under their own supervision; in their own time; at their own discretion BUT, we do support them; I support them.

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit!

We are inviting self-motivated individuals to join us as associates, working in partnership to identify people from their network who might need investment or want to buy a business or want to sell their business.

Brian Whitford – Partner

JHEI Services Limited

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