Meet Our Team

Paul Humphreys

Paul Humphreys
Partner – Industry Expert

With 35 years of experience in securing, starting, running and managing large-scale projects. Originating, executing and managing transactions for capital raises/investments, acquisitions and cashing-out.

Paul provides acquisition advice, as well as supporting owners preparing and selling their business, maximising sale price. Support in identifying potential investors & buyers and supporting investor networks

Paul is also a private investor in education start-ups
Dominic Humphreys

Dominic Humphreys
Partner - Deal-Architect

Seasoned founder, cofounder, operator and advisor working with start-ups and scale-ups with 20+ years of experience.

Raised multiple millions from Venture Capital, angels and crowdfunding across multiple industries such as Fin-tech, insure-tech, gaming, transport, telcos etc. Exited and facilitated the exit of a number of successful ventures.

Brian Whitford
Partner – Chief of Staff

Brian spent a notable career in the service of the British Government: UK Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Helping support clients in raising Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions and providing bespoke solutions.


Brian also manages the relationship with the exceptional team of associates and companies JHEI work with that helps us find buyers and investors for our clients.
Jonathan Humphreys

Jonathan Humphreys
Partner – Tech Wizard

Fullstack developer with 15+ years of experience. Consulting for a wide range of businesses, sectors and verticals, primarily building business and data management platforms.

With experience in networking, system administration, data and blockchain. Knowledge of multiple programming languages, systems and service architectures. Exited a number of successful ventures.

Partnered with industry leaders

James Dixey

James Dixey

James Dixey founded, grew, and sold his own premium education business for a record multiple. He is an entrepreneurial business leader with a successful track record in education brokerage. He has helped numerous educational businesses in the UK and Ireland and advised an additional 15 on how to improve their profits and prepare for an eventual sale. James and the JHEI Partner, Paul, have been working together for nearly fifteen years.
Simon Ramery

Simon Ramery (Founder: Fourth Ventures ltd)

The founder of Fourth Ventures, Simon is an experienced investment banker, advisor, entrepreneur, and investor. Prior to establishing Fourth Ventures Simon was the Head of Capital Advisory at Cavendish Corporate Finance, where he closed a number of ground-breaking deals in education. Prior to joining Cavendish Simon spent over 15 years working in investment banking Simon worked on deals in a wide range of sectors and notable transactions he closed were the £817m public to private of Matalan plc and the £750m public to private of Big Food Group (Booker and Iceland Foods).

Jeff Wellstead

Jeff is an expert in all elements of human resource management as well as the operational scaling of rapid-growth companies. He loves leading-edge technologies, enjoying the insanity of constant learning, huge leaps of comprehension, and never knowing if you’ve heard the latest Jeff can help you assess your people strategy that will get you there and accelerate your journey faster than you can imagine!
Soman Thomas

Soman Thomas

Soman is experienced in Business Development and working in B2B sector in Abu Dhabi. Skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Soman is a strong sales professional that graduated from B. Com. He also offers coaching to determined sales people to achieve success regardless of the adversity they face both from internal and external factors.

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